Billi – Boiling, chilled & sparkling filtered water……..Instantly!

Add some style to your kitchen with Billi instant boiling & chilled filtered water.

With Billi’s instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water at the touch of a finger, you will never look at water the same way again.

Billi has a wide selection of colours & styles to suit even the most flamboyant. Colours can even be customized to suit corporate colours or even your home decor.

Billi is the only water filtration system in Australia that has the globally recognised Green Tag Certified. Proudly Australian made and owned, Billi’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria. Their in-house research and development team works side by side with their highly skilled technicians and innovations department to deliver superior instant filtered water systems locally and around the world.

A proud and strong history of innovation

  • Billi was established in 1989 and in 1993 Billi pioneered and launched the world first underbench boiling and chilled filtered water system.
  • In 1995 Billi received Australian Design Award of the year award.
  • 2006 saw the launch of Billi’s Third generation Billi Quadra Unit with unique heat energy reclaim system.
  • Global distribution established in the UK, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong and UAE markets in 2013.
  • In 2014 Billi received the achievement of GreenTag certification – world first for compliance at International level.
  • Billi launches instant filtered sparkling water into the market during 2015.

As you can see Billi has an extensive history in the Australian market and understands your needs at every turn.

Gold Medal Services and Billi 

Gold Medal Services warehouses Billi products in the NT and has trained technicians on the team. We can service Billi products with our skilled technicians knowing all the ins & outs of any Billi product. We pride ourselves on same day call outs and are proud to represent Billi, we have a dedicated Sales Representative who is available to field any questions.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 8947 3000 or you can call Peter on 0448 473 043 or you can visit the Billi website