Customer Service Vs Professionalism

What does customer service vs professionalism mean to you? At Gold Medal Services we believe in providing the best of both! To Gold Medal Services, customer service is: Treating every customer as an individual. Taking genuine interest in each customer. Understanding what's important to them. To Gold Medal Services, professionalism is: Building Trust and confidence [...]

Think you have an underground leaking pipe or drain?

Think you have an underground leaking pipe or drain? The main indication is pooling water in your lawn, concrete or ground surface...and a high water bill! This is often a signal that that you have a serious leak somewhere underground. Unfortunately, no matter the circumstances, we can never be 100% sure what's happening below the surface. [...]

Plumbing Tips for this wet season?

Is your property prepared for the wet season? Here are our top five plumbing tips for preparing for this wet season: 1.  Clean up palm throngs regularly and trim back branches so they are clear from roofs and buildings. 2. Check your roof to ensure there are no badly deteriorated areas that may cause leaks, [...]

Territory Q Magazine and Gold Medal Services

Check out the article on Gold Medal Services in the latest Territory Q Magazine

Blocked Drains and CCTV Inspection

Specialised CCTV equipment can provide important information on the internal condition of underground assets such as blocked drains:sewers, storm water pipes and culverts. Gold Medal Services has an iPEK CCTV camera coupled with WinCam software to inspect and record vision in conduits from 150mm to 600mm and up to 120 meters from inspection opening to [...]

Backflow Prevention Devices

The Importance of Backflow Prevention Devices (BPD’s) Have you recently received a notification letter from Power and Water Corporation (PWC) regarding Backflow Prevention Devices installed as boundary protection on your property? Don't know what it's all about? At Gold Medal Services we are very experienced in this sort of preventive scheduled maintenance and can put your [...]

Gold Medal Services has your Hot Water covered!

At Gold Medal Services we have been installing and repairing hot water units for over 20 years! So we know a thing or two when it comes to what's required in all aspects of hot water. We are specialists in solar hot water, and have extensive knowledge of hot water needs in the Territory. Solar [...]

Billi: boiling and chilled filter water

Billi - Boiling, chilled & sparkling filtered water........Instantly! Add some style to your kitchen with Billi instant boiling & chilled filtered water. With Billi’s instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water at the touch of a finger, you will never look at water the same way again. Billi has a wide selection of colours & [...]

Roof Leaks

The wet weather is causing lots of roof leaks in Darwin and Palmerston! So what can Gold Medal Services do to help? Firstly - think like water! Water typically comes in through roof sheet overlaps, roof penetrations (screws, vents, pipework, skylights) and over gutters. Leaks can quickly lead to bigger problems like mould, rotting insulation [...]

InSinkErator Garbage Gobblers

Gold Medal Services is the service agent for InSinkErator in Darwin and Palmerston - so we know the product well! InSinkErator ® have a great range of products available to suit different needs and budgets. InSinkErator ® invented the kitchen waste disposal unit and are the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers. For over 75 [...]