The sewer system is critical infrastructure in the modern world and without it we would not flush toilets, have showers, kitchen sinks, laundry tubs, baths and basins that magically transport all the waste water away. Gold Medal Services is your professional and reliable plumber to do your sewer repairs.

Sewer systems have been around for centuries and have developed to keep up with changes in technology and water use. In Darwin and Palmerston, old sewer pipes are mainly clay, in newer developments they are PVC. The introduction of water saving fixtures means that the ‘fall’ of the sewer pipe is critically important to allow waste to be transported away. Sewer pipes laid too flat mean can lead to blocked sewers.

Sewer Cameras to assess sewer repairs

Gold Medal Services has been undertaking sewer repairs for over 20 years. Customers can be confident that we have the technology to effectively clear and diagnose blocked sewers and broken sewer pipes. Gold Medal Services has sewer cameras that can accurately locate the exact site of where the sewer repair is needed. We can record the images so that owners that are not able to be on site can be shown what sewer repairs are needed.

Customers regularly use Gold Medal Services to do sewer repairs due to tree root intrusion through sewer pipe joins. The tree roots start to intrude as small fibrous roots and if they are left the roots can eventually break the sewer pipe.

Sewer machines for quick sewer repairs

Many sewer blockages can be fixed using a sewer machine. Gold Medal Services has a number of different sewer machine sizes to suit different sewer pipe sizes. Apart from tree roots in sewer drains, the other main causes of blockages are wet wipes, sanitary products and food, especially fat and rice.

Call Gold Medal Services if you want an honest and long term solution for your sewer repairs. It does not always mean digging up the old sewer pipes for repairs, we have other options too.  If your drains are gurgling it means that they are starting to block – so don’t delay call us today!